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Friday, January 13, 2017

to do or not to do

So it is finally happening. After almost 1 year, 2 countries, thousands of travelled km, few new jobs and changed apartments, couple of short trips, 1 new language and new citizenship, I'm finally writing this post. Wasn't sure what language to use and decided to try English. After all, most of the time now I speak English, have English speaking friends and it's good practice anyway. Not sure if I can do it as cool as in Russian but who cares.

It's Friday, 13th, the 1st month of the year. The sun is shining, I'm being lazy, but in an active stage. Lately I prefer photos to words, thoughts to conversations, day to night, myself to other people. 
I like to think that it's all because of my work but don't rush to make any conclusions. Maybe it's just Israeli winter effect (it +18C outside but I think it's really cold) or I'm just getting old. By the way, talking about weather - no, I didn't miss snow, "real winter", rain, etc. Sun is cool.

I think it's not bad for start. Need to run for food market for my date with some exotic African brunch meal. I'll be back soon 

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